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Vanessa > Selena



    Vanessa > Selena

    omfg. THIIIIIIICKKKKKKK hell ya

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  2. The Chronicles of Failed Hollerations: Story 1

    brought to you today by Jenny Vuong and Robin Marie Bondoc.

    Inspired by true events…scratch that…real-life-i-kid-you-not-this-is-no-bullshit-its-happened-but-its-pretty-funny-nonetheless events.

    Story 1: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

    Some might just say i’m pretty funny, but rather, I say, I’m a teller of stories that happen to be funny.

    Enter: My Freshman year of College. It’s my 1st semester in an environment completely unknown to me. I was unknowing and naive about girls, heck, you might say I still am. But sheeeit I was out to get some of dat azz. Isn’t that what college is about?

    (any takers ladies? anyone? ……hello……………)

    But yeah anyways..

    I walk into my Fall Algebra class and scan around seeing if there are any girls that can get it and this one particular female specimen caught my eye. Oh she could get it alright. But I would need an interpreter….no her azz wasn’t from China…she needed….

    …a sign language interpreter. 

    That, my friends, was the day I sunk to a new low. Which, in fact, was actually a new high for me. It was right in front of me like God himself told me “Kent, she can get it and yeah I know she can’t hear you, but I’m making it easy for you, don’t blow this. srsly.”

    What really ran through my head that class was this:

    It made my state of desperation look at least somewhat romantic. Hey, I was common, and that guy is cool…right?

    Damn. this could really work out! I…am…that…nigga.

    So there I am in my class making my approach. I’m thinking…yeahhh i should get her number….but wait….how the fuk we gonna talk. Eh fuk….it i’m asking her for her AOL screen name :D :D :D. (I seriously put that face on the piece of paper i wrote to her asking for her sn)

    Oh…and she gave it to me alright. This was the start of a bright future for me, filled with pre-written notecards at least until i understood sign language.

    and another bright side was that i’m a nerd. this worked to my advantage so much. I can show off my entire gamut of personality through emoticons :) :( ;).  

    Oh and btw…she never went on.

    and yes, I did have the rest of the college algebra class with her, but with no communication between us………. as to be expected.

    In conclusion…yes I did holler at a deaf/mute girl. (I honestly didn’t know which of these she was, but its safe to assume at least 1). But really she was cute. Half white/filipino babies make all the money nowadays right?

    I saw her a year later at a Panda Express in Waterford. I typed a neat little message on my phone “Hey you were in my math class right :)”

    "Yeah I remember you. :D :D HI"


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“There’s plenty of fish in the sea..”

my life as a fisherman.

    “There’s plenty of fish in the sea..”

    my life as a fisherman.

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    BALUT Music (Kent Melendez) - Hey Soul Sister

    Soulful side of balut musiccccc. Spread the love!!!!

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  8. Relationships. Round 2.

    I guess you can say for me “it’s complicated” right now, but hey its better than nothing.

    At this point in my life they all say that the world is chock full of women you can date. That, sir, may be true and very likely is true. But how many of those women can you say are the only ones that can make you feel like they’re the only friend you need in this world? Anyone have an answer to that?

     I honestly believe that even though there are millions of fish in the sea there’s only a select few that really make your dinner plate. Bad analogy? oh well.

    Idk what else to say about this except really cherish what you’ve got and if its worth holding on to then hold on to it for your dear life. It’s one huge ocean and 1 (worthwhile) fish.

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Well hello there Alison Brie.

Oh good morning there wifey allison brie.


    Well hello there Alison Brie.

    Oh good morning there wifey allison brie.

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  10. .

    i dont know exactly how old you fine azz females r so i will not holler. It only takes 1 mistake to turn u in to a pedo.

    The end :)

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